Easter Basket Sweepstakes
Stop by the club and try your luck in our Easter basket giveaway.  The contest is free to enter so come on by and fill out a ticket for your chance to win an Easter basket loaded with all sorts of good stuff. 

Our Mission:
"To serve the young people of our community by providing safe places and positive programs that enhance their moral, intellectual, social, and physical development.”


The Troy Boys & Girls Club put together an anti bullying music video, where they demonstrated a bullying situation and turned it into a positive situation. The kids worked very hard on this video to demonstrate how bullying can affect everyone. Sara Barellis song Brave fit perfectly with the theme of anti-bullying. Each scene shows the children standing up to bullying by being brave, as Sara expresses in her lyrics. Please Watch, Enjoy and spread the message to all to END BULLYING.





A copy of Troy Boys & Girls Club’s most recent IRS 990 (financial report) is available for public inspection at

http://www.charitiesnys.com/or at http://www2.guidestar.org/

Additionally, a copy of the Troy Boys & Girls Club’s most recent annual report is available for public inspection by following this link:

Annual Report

You may also request a copy of either of these reports directly by emailing patrickd@tbgc.org


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